Coduity solutions are built from the ground up to provide long term empowerment for our customers. Our focus is on run-time efficiency, doing more with less hardware and electricity.

We build our solutions exclusively on native code, the less abstraction the better. No scripting languages, no runtime environments. We design our applications to achieve maximum performance and fast loading times. We aim to eliminate ‘standby’ servers in the cloud, as well as reducing hardware and use of resources overall.

Coduity is ready to code your projects, economically and responsibly. Together with our colleagues at ZoneStruct and Netsemblage there’s no project we can’t handle, no lock-in we can’t undo.

Some of the technologies we build upon

Note: While this page displays a number of technologies, Coduity is not affiliated, sponsored by or connected to the organisations behind these technologies in any way. Coduity builds solutions on technologies we deem suitable. Nothing more, nothing less.