Coduity is passionate about computing and the endless possibilities it provides humanity to empower itself. It does not come without great cost however, not only to the environment, but to humanity at large.

With the widespread abuse of interpreted languages such as Python in application development, AI and education, we see a world where up to 8 times more hardware and electricity is being used than necessary. A world where quick and dirty development takes precedent over innovation and efficiency.

Not only does this ruin our planet, it inhibits economic productivity and growth for all but the largest manufacturers and software vendors. New generations of software developers are trained to mass produce, rather than innovate and push the envelope.

Smaller enterprises handle things a little better with their use of managed languages such as Java and C#, but are forced to keep hardware on standby due to their lack of nimbleness in elastic cloud computing.

We aim to promote the exclusive use of resource efficient native code in production environments. To create industry awareness that interpreted languages such as Python should not be used beyond basic automation, as was their original purpose. To change standards and move away from Java and C# as they’ve had their day.

It’s time to clean up the planet, by targeting cost and resource efficient software development and training developers to innovate instead of stagnate. We are Coduity, we aim to make the best of the Enterprise into a common standard.

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