SaaS Product Development

  • file and directory sharing
  • media delivery
  • online collaboration
  • accounting
  • logistics

Our Expertise

Development Consultancy

Implementing a SaaS solution is complex and requires extensive planning and consideration. Deciding on SaaS as the correct strategy requires careful analysis as does moving forward.

Application Design

Whether to show proof of concept to the board or investors, we can ensure your ideas are converted into a working prototype using modern rapid prototyping and design methodologies.

Application Development

Coduity can develop SaaS products from scratch, of re-engineer existing applications and solutions as SaaS deployments. Either way, we’ll use the most performant and cost effective tooling to get the job done.

Maintenance and Support

Our team will support the product and provide maintenance services for as long as necessary. We can provide training, continuous feature updates and help to scale the product as well as implementing any adjustments as necessary.

Our Process

During the planning and architectural phase we explore the fundamentals of your project.

  • gathering requirements and analysis
  • laying out a map of the project
  • developing the design aesthetic
  • selecting the tools and technology stack
  • estimating time and budget parameters

Our designers will visualise the project and flow of user interaction.

  • mockups, wireframes
  • prototyping

Our engineers will bring the project to life.

  • convert the prototypes of the design phases into useable layouts
  • optimise user interface (UI) and user experience (UX)
  • optimise the frontend for performance and efficiency
  • ensure project goals are met by the frontend interface
  • create and / or integrate backend data services

Our engineers and designers will make sure that project goals have been met and optimise the frontend and backend services accordingly.

  • usability tests
  • platform tests
  • security tests
  • performance tests

The project will be deployed and made available to end users.

  • staff training
  • deployment of frontend and backend services
  • gathering and analysis of ’live’ metrics

We ensure full satisfaction.

  • tweaking and modifications
  • troubleshooting
  • assistance with upgrades
  • assistance with live analysis

Our Benefits

Comprehensive Roadmap for Service Scaling

Modularity, Integration and Compatibility

Optimal Performance per Watt Efficiency

Full Stack Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud

Dynamic Scaling to Capacity and Back to Zero

On-Site and Mobile Office Ready

Multi-Cloud and Distributed Deployments

Cloud Agnostic Solutions at Every Level

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Coduity host our SaaS application?

No, we will design and implement the infrastructure and optionally take full responsibility for management and maintenance, but we do not provide hosting services. We have gone through great lengths to ensure that our solutions have a high degree of mobility, ensuring customers can broker the best deal with any of the online cloud providers without giving up on leverage and independence.

Are things handled on-site or online?

That depends on the kind of SaaS application. For large Enterprise deployments SaaS can be an instrumental paradigm to allow departments to develop their own tooling, without worrying about infrastructure. In these cases we generally target on-site infrastructure. In public facing SaaS deployments we instead utilise either public or hybrid cloud infrastructures.

What about confidentiality?

Coduity will sign a non-disclosure agreement before taking part in any project. In addition, mention of clients and projects on our website or related promotional material is always entirely optional.

Other Areas of Expertise

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