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Rescue Services

Project Management

After careful analysis our experts can take over the management of your project and help get it back on track. Using proven methodologies and tried and tested scaling roadmaps, we can ensure your project hits its intended targets.

Development Troubleshooting

Our engineers can help to troubleshoot your team’s coding efforts. We can help to engineer advanced solutions, help to track and mitigate bugs and help to convert your codebase to compliance standards.

Infrastructure Troubleshooting

Long term strateges in infrastructure design and deployment are often overlooked in today’s world of PaaS and SaaS offerings. Our engineers can help to ensure your project is ready to scale, free from vendor lock-in and excessive resource consumption.

Codebase Porting

All too often projects are started with a ‘quick and dirty’ approach, based on readily available resources instead of careful consideration and best practices. Our engineers can help to port your codebase to maximise efficiency and performance.

Our Process

During the planning and architectural phase we explore the fundamentals of your project.

  • gathering requirements and analysis
  • laying out a map of the project
  • estimating time and budget parameters

Our designers will visualise the project and its flow of processes. We’ll evaluate design and implementation choices and determine the best way forward.

  • deep analysis
  • prototyping, redesign

Our engineers will support the project by providing staff training and / or allocating support staff.

  • staff training
  • hard- and / or software development

Our engineers and designers will make sure that project goals have been met and optimise the frontend and backend services accordingly.

  • usability tests
  • platform tests
  • security tests
  • performance tests

The project will be deployed and made available to end users.

  • deployment of front- and / or backend services and applications
  • gathering and analysis of ’live’ metrics

We stay onboard to ensure a successful roll-out and full customer satisfaction across the board.

  • tweaking and modifications
  • troubleshooting
  • assistance with upgrades
  • assistance with live analysis

Our Benefits

Vendor Independent and Platform Agnostic

Full Spectrum Software and Infrastructure Expertise

Comprehensive Business Operations Expertise

Frequently Asked Questions

How flexible are Coduity rescue operations?

Our rescue operations are entirely flexible and optional. Our initial focus will be on providing an analysis of the project and attempting to get things back on track with minimal input from us. We will reserve our stepping in on either the management or development side of things as a last resort.

Our focus is always on keeping cost down to a minimum and would rather support a team to become self-sufficient, rather than taking over a project and handling everything in-house.

Are things handled on-site or online?

To keep costs to a minimum we always prefer to handle things with remote conferencing and shared development environments. We can of course provide assistance on-site if necessary, but recommend this only as a last resort.

What about confidentiality?

Coduity will sign a non-disclosure agreement before taking part in any project. In addition, mention of clients and projects on our website or related promotional material is always entirely optional.

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