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Embedded Development Services


Coduity is expert at embedded software development and electrical engineering. We can help to prototype your embedded device such as IoT sensors, controllers, handhelds and more from hardware to operating system and control software.

Data Management

Building devices and software to collect data is one thing, processing and reporting are a discipline of their own. Coduity can help design and implement your data processing infrastructure, optimised for distributed collection and storage.

Ecosystem Development

Our designers and experts can help elevate your embedded project to a complete ecosystem of customer facing apps, backend services and supporting infrastructure. Coduity can transform any embedded solution to a full product suite.


Designing an embedded device and ecosystem is difficult. Perhaps you have a working prototype but are experiencing difficulties taking it to the next level. Coduity can help streamline your project.

Our Process

During the planning and architectural phase we explore the fundamentals of your project.

  • gathering requirements and analysis
  • laying out a map of the project
  • selecting the tools and technology stack
  • estimating time and budget parameters

Our designers will visualise the project and process flow.

  • mockups, wireframes
  • prototyping

Our engineers will convert designs to working prototypes.

  • convert electrical designs to wired prototypes
  • develop operating system specifics and optimisations
  • develop task-specific software
  • optimise UI and UX (if applicable)
  • create and / or integrate backend data services

Our engineers and designers will make sure that project goals have been met and optimise the frontend and backend services accordingly.

  • usability tests
  • platform tests
  • security tests
  • performance tests

The project will be deployed and made available to end users.

  • staff training
  • deployment of frontend and backend services
  • gathering and analysis of ’live’ metrics

We ensure full satisfaction.

  • tweaking and modifications
  • troubleshooting
  • assistance with upgrades
  • assistance with live analysis

Our Embedded Technologies

Raspberry Pi

Frequently Asked Questions

What are embedded development services?

Embedded development refers to the applications and systems development for specialised devices such as industrial controllers, Internet-of-Things devices, handheld devices and others.

It generally refers to devices that are dedicated to specific tasks, enabled by specialised hard- and software. Creating a mobile application is not considered embedded computing, while creating systems level software for a mobile device is considered as such.

Embedded development services range from electrical engineering and operating systems development to utility and ecosystem development, as well as the creation of specialised user and industrial interfaces.

What does prototyping mean?

Prototyping refers to the process of creating a useable product out of abstract ideas and designs. It can include both hard- and software development, where engineers look for viable solutions that are cost-effective and ready for production at scale.

What is meant by ecosystem development?

In today’s world products are rarely entirely stand-alone. Integration with mobile apps, online services or desktop connectivity is virtually a must where customers are concerned. On the management side of the equation it is vital to gather data and performance metrics with which to make marketing and budget adjustments as well gathering key information to be used for future iterations of the product.

What does Internet-of-Things mean?

Internet-of-Things or IoT is a buzzword that is frequently used in the media to describe a new trend in the IT market. In simple terms it means embedded devices that are always connected to the internet to offer both remote control of other devices and processes as well as gathering sensor information for big data.

Can Coduity help us with a custom embedded solution?

Certainly. With our extensive expertise in software development, infrastructure development and electrical engineering, we possess a deep understanding of both systems level engineering and application development. We can design everything from hardware to user interface and ecosystem.

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