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Comprehensive Roadmap for Business Growth

Modularity, Integration and Compatibility

Optimal Performance per Watt Efficiency

Full Stack Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Dynamic Scaling to Capacity and Back to Zero

On-Site and Mobile Office Solutions Available

Multi-Cloud and Distributed Deployments

Cloud Agnostic Solutions at Every Level

IT Infrastructure Services

Public Cloud

From single server DevOps container hosts, to FaaS enabled Kubernetes deployments. Our solutions are designed for multi-cloud distribution and platform agnostic. Anything is possible with Coduity public cloud solutions, installed on your cloud provider of choice.

Private Cloud

Enjoy advanced features such as autoscaling and service hibernation for your internal business operations. Private cloud solutions by Coduity offer all the advantages of public cloud technologies, made specific for internal operations, hosted either on-site or online.

Hybrid Cloud

Secure exposure of on-site resources to the cloud, interconnecting on- and off-site resources and more. Coduity Hybrid Cloud Solutions offer maximum flexibility in functionality and budget control.

Internal Domain Services

User management, file and directory services, machine- and user authentication, email, calendaring, VoIP and more. Coduity internal domain services can be made available securely on- or off-site for maximum flexibility.

Our Process

During the planning and architectural phase we explore the fundamentals of your project.

  • gathering requirements and analysis
  • selecting tools and technology stack
  • estimating time and budget parameters
  • formulating a roll-out plan

Our engineers will design the infrastructure architecture

  • management and operational features
  • scaling automation
  • backup and recovery
  • future roadmap development

Our engineers will convert designs to configuration and deployment schemas and fully document the process

  • networking and security
  • configuration of core and extended servers and services
  • development of customised container images
  • configuration of container orchestration
  • configuration of disaster management

Our engineers and designers will make sure that project goals have been met and optimise the frontend and backend services accordingly.

  • usability tests
  • platform tests
  • security tests
  • performance tests

The project will be deployed and made available to end users.

  • staff training
  • deployment of frontend and backend services
  • gathering and analysis of ’live’ metrics

We ensure full satisfaction.

  • tweaking and modifications
  • troubleshooting
  • assistance with upgrades
  • assistance with live analysis

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Public Cloud Services?

Public Cloud Services are cloud computing technologies that facilitate the hosting of public facing services such as websites and web applications, mobile applications, data exchange services and others.

What are Private Cloud Services?

Private Cloud Services allow businesses to enjoy cloud computing technologies for internal business services, both on- and offline / on-site.

This greatly simplifies server budgeting and deployment by automating server utilisation and allowing IT infrastructures to scale up and down according to demand.

What are Hybrid Cloud Services?

Hybrid Cloud Services are a specific branch of cloud computing that allow businesses to integrate on-site resources with their cloud services.

Use cases include:

  • Having core business data synchronised between an online private cloud and on-site hardware to allow uninterrupted workflow in case of internet outages.
  • Integrating cloud services with specialised local hardware such as mainframes, supercomputers, specialised clusters (i.e. GPU clusters) and edge computing nodes.
  • Myriads of custom solutions and deployments.

What are Internal Domain Services?

Internal Domain Services refers to the core network services that help businesses operate:

  • Network routing and security
  • User and Device Authentication and SSO (directory services)
  • File and Printer sharing
  • On-site Email, shared calendars and messaging
  • Telephony (VoIP)

Our internal domain solutions are free and open source, meaning no license fees, subscriptions fees or client access licenses. Full support for Linux, Microsoft Windows and MacOS is enabled by default, as is support for alternative architectures such as ARM and RISC-V.

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