Our Expertise

Business Scaling Roadmap Development

Vendor Agnostic Trend and Methodology Research

International Legislation and Compliance

Full-Stack Software Development

IT Infrastructure Design and Implementation

Business and Development Team Training

Consultancy Services

Business Analysis

Our analysts are expert at mapping business processes. With our in-depth reports you’ll be able to digitalize your business activities and make informed business software and IT infrastructure decisions as well as jump-starting ERP and CRM roll-outs.

Process Automation

Coduity can help your business make significant gains in efficiency and cost reduction. From next-level software and infrastructure automation to creating custom software solutions that automate resource intensives business processes.

Business Scaling

Scaling out a business is a veritable obstacle course of hidden risks and pitfalls. Coduity is expert at resource efficiency and designing long-term roadmaps. We’ll ensure your business can scale to any level, including global hyperscale.

Custom Projects

Whatever your idea, Coduity can help you bring it to life. We can help develop your Minimum Viable Product or fully realise the entire project. From software, hardware and infrastructure development to business development and beyond.

Our Process

During the planning and architectural phase we explore the fundamentals of your project.

  • gathering requirements and analysis
  • laying out a map of the project
  • estimating time and budget parameters

Our designers will visualise your business or project and its flow of processes. We’ll evaluate strategic choices and determine the best way forward.

  • deep analysis
  • research
  • strategy formulation

Our consultants will deliver an in-depth report covering our analysis, strategic choices and roadmap.

  • report delivery
  • evaluation

We answer any remaining questions and help to facilitate further steps to ensure full customer satisfaction across the board.

  • further evaluation & explanation
  • project initiation
  • mediation with 3rd parties

Our Benefits

Vendor Independent and Platform Agnostic

Full Spectrum Software and Infrastructure Expertise

Comprehensive Business Operations Expertise

Frequently Asked Questions

How flexible are Coduity consultancy services?

Our consultancy services are entirely modular. We can offer neutral analysis, mediation between parties, deliver troubleshooting services as well as helping your business to develop comprehensive roadmaps for further development and growth.

Our focus is always on keeping cost down to a minimum and would rather support a team to become self-sufficient, rather than taking over a project and handling everything in-house. That said, we can of course provide a host of services to bring any project to completion if necessary or desired.

Are things handled on-site or online?

To keep costs to a minimum we prefer to handle things with remote conferencing and cooperative productivity environments. We can of course provide assistance on-site if necessary, but recommend this only as a last resort.

What about confidentiality?

Coduity will sign a non-disclosure agreement before taking part in any project. In addition, mention of clients and projects on our website or related promotional material is always entirely optional.

Other Services

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